God is a Prepper

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Owner Commentary
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With all the news reports of the scandals in the White House and everywhere else in government it leads me to, yet again say, that I am glad that I am a prepper. America is the best country on the face of the planet, and as Ronald Wilson Regan said, “This is the last stand on earth for freedom.” If we do not keep it where will the worlds down-trodden run to? I love my country. I am going to say that again but louder, I LOVE MY COUNTRY! It has provided me with opportunities and with the freedom to succeed and to fail. I can honestly say that I have learned more from those failures then any of my successes. Looking at the scandals that keep coming up: Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, this White House is making Nixon and Clinton look like school yard rookies. The sheer lack of concern that this president has for our country boggles my mind to the point that I can only fall on my knees and pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and beg Him for direction. As many times as I have prayed to my Heavenly Father I keep coming back to Proverbs 27:12, “A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” I will not be a simpleton and suffer the fate that this government has dealt us. I will not stand idly by and watch the destruction of my country and the pillaging of my freedoms and do nothing. That is why, not only will I prepare but I will provide a place for others to prepare. I will do what I can to help others “prepare for the journey” ahead of them. For this journey that we are on is not going to be easy, and it is most definitely not going to be short. It will be a long, hard climb. It will be a test that only few can speak of. When the Israelites ran from slavery and headed for the promise land that journey was so hard and overwhelming that many of the Israelites actually chose to stay in slavery rather than accept the land that God had given them. This journey will be similar in stature. It will test the very core of your soul…and at the moment when you think you cannot go on anymore, you will think of your wife or husband, and your children will push on because we are Americans and that is what we do. As preppers we prepare to the best of our ability and when the going gets tough the preppers get it done. Take heart my fellow prepper. Take heart and know that He is God and He will be by your side…and that He will see you through this test. He has ordered your steps and will only place on you that which He feels you can handle. Take heart for your God is with you always.


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