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Running a prepping supply company, I’ve been asked, “Don’t you think preppers are obsessive?” My short answer to that is, “Yes.” But the long answer makes a bit more sense…

Personally, I’ve been prepping for about 4 years. In that time I’ve gone through the same phases that most do when they start. I built up my 72 hour kit and bug-out bag, then I added a week’s worth of MREs. I eventually started to build up a healthy supply of other non-food items (I’m sure you can figure out what I mean). Finally I compiled my long-term food and water stores.

But even though I feel ‘adequately’ prepared, I can never shake that feeling of needing to do just a little bit more. I find myself constantly watching the sales…looking for the deals. I also feel the need to upgrade my existing preps. I find that I surround myself, and my family, with my preps…reviewing them…and wondering if I can upgrade them to a higher quality.

If I was to take my previous statements and replace the word ‘preps’ with another word like ‘flowers’, most people would say I had a green thumb and loved practicing it. But why is it that I can’t have a discussion outside of the prepper realm and about prepping and not have others turned off?

While some have tried to explain to the masses that, for the most part, preppers are just normal people with a keen eye on the big picture of the world (kudos to The National Geographic Channel), most media outlets are insistent to make preppers out to be the live-in-a-compound, conspiracy-theorist, end-of-the-world type of people. Ironically, most of those people turn out to be liberal extremists. But with so many sources making up lies about preppers, it’s no wonder that the general population considers us to be extreme militants wanting to take over the world. It just goes to show how easy it is to manipulate the minds of others.

But because I hear it so much, I find myself struggling with the question, “Are you obsessed with prepping?” And when I really thought about it, the answer dawned on me. The short answer is “yes”. Yes I’m obsessed…with protecting my wife and family. Yes I’m obsessed….with living and not just surviving. Yes I’m obsessed…with making sure that our freedoms and liberties will never end.

So does prepping equal obsession? Perhaps it does.


When storing water for emergency use you need to think about:

How much should I store?

Any good source of information will tell you to calculate your water storage by taking the number of people and multiply it by the number of days to equal the number of gallons to store. Ex: 4 people X 30 days = 120 gallons. However this is a minimum recommendation and only includes water for drinking and sanitation. It does not include water to rehydrate the now-famous ‘just add water’ meals. Most of the freeze-dried meals need between 1 and 4 cups of water to rehydrate before you can eat them. You can also use water as a bartering tool (if needs be). Bottom line: Pad your estimations.

Select an appropriate container

Make sure that you use a container(s) that is appropriate for your plan. For example: A 55 gallon drum may not be very practical if your plan is to eventually bug out. You would need something more portable. An item that I recommend is the 3.5 gallon stackable container by WaterBrick. These are U.S. manufactured and BPA free containers that can interlock as you stack them. By adding a water preserver and storing them in a cool and dark place, the water will last for up to 5 years before you need to rotate the water. You can also add the optional spigot when you need to use water for a convenient dispenser.

Plan “C”

Remember if/when you run out of your stored water, you will need to source more in order to survive. In the event of SHTF, you may need to obtain your water from less-than-credible sources. Make sure that you have a water filtration method ready to go. We will discuss that on a later article.